In an economy without frontiers, business etiquette
can be a factor for success in a transaction.

The International Executive

An international executive knows how to make guests/visitors feel at ease. The professional respects customs and observes habits. Showing creativeness, he or she is an entrepreneur, speaking several languages and showing a global view.

International Business Etiquette

Generally, it is essential that all employees of a company are aware of the etiquette in order to improve their professional attitude, creating a strong feeling of security, knowing their own limits and coping with whatever situation they may find themselves in.

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Doing Business

Doing business has a much wider scope than simply negotiating. It entails socializing and friendship, familiarity with etiquette, having patience, understanding protocol, and a long list of cultural details.

Global Vision

The profile of an International management professional is someone who can put your guests at ease, who knows and respects protocol and who observes customs. He or she is creative and an entrepreneur, speaks several languages and has a global vision.

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Japanese Business Cards

On a meishi, business relationships in Japan begin with the exchange of business cards. Besides their convenience when one wants to make contact, they are indispensable for confirming the other party's company, position and rank.



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